On this site, my aim is to provide you with a resource of valuable information.

For over 45 years now, i have learnt alot and gained a large knowledge of print and Imaging. From design to print, branding, presentation, advertising to art and photography, i have built a passion for the perfection and the durability of the printed image. 

Whilst sustainability and Eco-friendly is the buzzword today, sadly it is not the priority in a wide number of sectors as profita and retrun on investment remains key to any business and in the case of government the cost and budget savings.  

The print and advertising market has been creative and imaginative but remarkably wasteful. We must find ways to be bother decorative, eco freindly, innovative and practical yet eco friendly and sustainable. Not an easy feat.

There is no offence in good design. but the use of cheaper materials should never be the principle goal of a business. Supply lines and supply channels need to think more about good design with practical resources and sustainable ones! It does not mean we have to alter our designs to cardboard panels just because they are bio degradable or not plastic! It just means that the design concep needs to be thought out and the resource before and after use thought out. Reducing energy also means reducing recycling, but finding re-useable and practical uses for a longer term life, design, decoration. 

Landor UK is the trading name of my main business activities. I am predominantly focused on the accuracy, quality, durability, sustainability and eco-friendlyiness of the printed image. But we go further than that. We support the innovation, creativity and design of the students and professionals.

Our key focus is centred on two product groups: Phototex self adhesive Fabric and Liquid Lamination coatings. 

Landor Phototex is a new generation woven fabric with its own proprietary and unique coating to provide you with the most durable and graphical quality you can possibly imagine on Fabric. No more PVC!  Complementing this expertise and creation is its remarkable and unique removable and repospositionable adhesive that peels and sticks as much as you like. Never leaving any residue.  Re-use it or repositon it and then when finished recycle it. Best of all no wall repairs, no down time, and no disruptions you can just pull it down off the walls yourself and re create a new scence or graphic, wallcovering or advertising and branding, again and again!

Landor Liquid Lamination is our family of protective coatings, primeers and application fluids. We haved evolved over the years both as a distributor but also as a developer of advanced high performance protective coatings that preserve, protect and enhance the printed image.

Logically, ink needs to be protected if it will last. And if it is intended to last, its ink quality, substrate needs to be good.  No matter how good these components are, Ink to last and to adorn your venues or your homes, needs to have some element of protection.

Liquid laminates enhance, protect and extend the life of inkjet prints increases the sustainability of almost any print, as well as protect it and preserve it and the ink on it!  typical solutions are vehicle graphics, truck curtains, fine art inkjet canvas, inflatables, child play and digital wallcovering. High traffic public venues and enfironments often need that extra protection. No plastic, no PVC. Eco freindly coatings.

Landor Phototex is the No 1 single most successful selling adhesive fabric. It is the only fully assured fabric that not only prints well but also has a never changing adhesive, that painlessly will not damage walls, is easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to replace. Just enough adhesive tac to stay on a smooth wall but not enough to cause the usual damage on walls attributed to most other self adhesive fabrics.

Landor Liquid Lamination  is our own carefully selected, developed range of coatings required to safely protect and secure the enhancement, protection and extended life of the digital print, be it a film, canvas, banner, poster, or vehicle graphic. As an advanced coating it far exceeds the performance of giclee varnishes and most other digital varnishes and lacquers used in the market particularly as it must work with all different types of inks and substrates. its natural bond without changing the feel or performance of substrates. In general terms Landor Liquid Laminates will double the life of any uncoated print!which is often used in the branding, promotions, decoration, and well as the art, gallery, photo and advertising sectors. Phototex is the first and the no 1 sellling self adhesive fabric which, made from cellulose and polyester is recycleable, yet durable and stable.

Our Main website:                                                    https://landoruk.com/

our dedicated website for Landor Phototex :       https://www.phototex.co.uk/

Landor Coatings and inkjet Varnish Products including fine art Giclee coatings : http://liquid-lamination.co.uk/

Our business is dedicated to adding value to your business or your creations, or projects. This may be solving problems, or preventing those problems the use of other materials or when carrying out other services in the digital print markets you can benefit or have the advantage of our products and know how.

We encourage you to reach out to us or to me personally if you feel there are projects you want to achieve, or can achieve and could well do with our support and ongoing encouragement




Our Special Partners

www.rauch-papiere.de  :- Our special Friends, that have played an enormous role in our development, our choices, our ethics and productivity and viability of a business thanks to the family owners, the Kneer Rauch Family; Converters and specifiers, developers and quality control selectives, their German Paper and film conversion facilities is a priveledge to work with.

We have worked with the Kneer family since I Met Elmar Kneer at Paperworld in 2001. Together we nurture each other with valued Support and respect.